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The Responsive Menu extension for Magento integrates the jQuery plugin gpResponsiveMenu. Most other responsive menu plugins implement a single strategy (i.e, change the menu into a drop-down select). The gpResponsiveMenu plugin has 5 options (or modes) for menu display.

  • Select
  • Vertical
  • Vertical Overlay
  • Page Overlay
  • Split-view
  • Each mode can is displayed using Media Queries, so multiple modes can be used on a website. For instance, You may want to display a select menu when the site is being viewed on phone, and a Vertical Menu when the site is viewed on a tablet.


Magento CE 1.6 - 1.9



To install:

  1. Log into your Admin Panel and select System->Magento Connect->Magento Connection Manager.
  2. Click the browser button under Direct package file upload
  3. Navigate to the extension file and select.
  4. Click the upload button and then install.


A video demo can be found on