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The Configurable Products Utilities is a Magento extension that allows the store owner to easily create and delete configurable associated products in bulk. This tool was created for those who have grown weary of spending 15-30 minutes inputting the associated products for each configurable product. With this tool, creating these products can be completed in a matter of minutes – including the image uploads.

The Configurable Product Utilities extension also ienables the store owner to create color swatches for configurable products. Swatches can be made using HTML color names, Hex Values, Classes, or images. The Configurable Products Utilities extension also controls the display of the thumb and large images. The sizes for these images can be set in the Admin Panel. The Configurable Products Utilities extension also comes with an image zoom component. The size of the zoom image is also configurable.


Magento CE 1.6 - 1.9



To install:

  1. Log into your Admin Panel and select System->Magento Connect->Magento Connection Manager.
  2. Click the browser button under Direct package file upload
  3. Navigate to the extension file and select.
  4. Click the upload button and then install.

Note: If the Configurable Colors extension is installed, please uninstall before using Configurable Products Utilities.


A video demo can be found on