About Devout Geek

Devout Geek is an apparel company that was inspired by (and created for) geeks. There are many great sites that sell products for geeks (t-shirts, etc.). But we are attempting to create something a bit different than most of the companies that operate within this sphere. We are creating a Geek brand – like Nike, but for geeks. Most of the other sites sell a variety of products from many contributers (which admittedly, may be a better business model), but we intend to sell Devout Geek products only.

“Geek” is not a single category. While there are overlaps in interests, there are quite a variety of geeks. Be it a programmer, physicist, or comic book enthusiast, Devout Geek intends to cater to them all.  Currently, our website has a few categories of “Geek”, but, in time, we hope to explore the entire world of “Geek”.

Geeks should be celebrated. Without Geeks, none of this is possible - “this”, is every device, computer, network, etc  that are used to do the 'cool' things we do. Without us, there would be no cool. So (using the transitive property): If (geek = device) and (device = cool), then Geek = Cool.

We have been self-professed geeks before it was cool - because we are Devout Geeks.